Now that you’ve obtained your CNA license you’re left with the task of securing a job.

The first place to start is with the school where you obtained your training. They often have a job placement board that will help you in preparing a resume and finding job openings. They may also know of facilities that offer training positions. Though these may not pay as much, they’ll help you get the experience needed for higher paying jobs.

Write your resume carefully. List any practical hands-on training you had as well as classroom work. Format your resume so it looks professional. Proofread carefully for any errors. Have someone else look over it, too.

List jobs where you worked with the elderly, handicapped or with children, especially if the job you’re applying for includes those groups. You do not have to list all your previous jobs if they don’t relate to the work you’re applying for. They will only distract. It is sufficient to list your last five years of work but emphasize your current training.

Consider volunteering to gain some experience working with patients. You won’t be doing any medical tasks but it will show you have the ability and communication skills to work with people. Add this experience to your resume.

Talk to everyone you know. Tell them you’ve recently acquired your CNA license and you’re anxious to find a job in the medical field. If you know anyone at the local hospital don’t be shy in asking them about job openings.

Even in the computer age, word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a job. Being recommended by a current employee will often assure that your application is seriously considered. Not so when you’re one of a hundred online applications.

Next, go to the websites of local hospitals and care centers. They will usually list their current job openings. You can often apply online but taking the resume to the facility personally is often a better choice. If they don’t have a website, call their human resources department and ask if they have any job openings. If they don’t, ask if you can bring in a resume for them to keep on file for when they do have openings. Check back with them every few months.

Call home care agencies and see if they are hiring. In these jobs you will go to the patient’s home instead of working in a facility.

Look for job listing groups on Facebook. Many cities have sites that list local job openings. If you’re open to moving then join groups that list medical jobs at many locations.

Watch local papers for job listings. Check your local craigslist.

Job boards should be your last option. Employers receive hundreds of jobs through these sites and often don’t spend the time to seriously look at each one.

Start with job sites that list only medical jobs.

When all else fails consider sites such as or

Always be upbeat and positive on job interviews. Let them know how excited you are about the opportunity to work at their facility. Due some research about the facility in advance.

Be willing to take a less desired job in the beginning to gain some experience.